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Gili Islands Lombok Indonesia

Times are modifying, and also there is now a range of appeal options on the islands, especially so on Gili Trawangan. The islands are truly unwinded and also relaxed, with many little beachside coffee shops, eating facilities as well as bars working in an array of preferences in local and also worldwide meals.


Found just off the northwest coast of Lombok, the 3 islands of Gili Air, Gili Meno as well as Gili Trawangan are rapidly turneding right into among one of the most prominent areas for site visitors to Bali as well as Lombok. They are now swiftly readily available direct from Bali with the new Quick Watercraft solution, or by airplane as well as local watercraft from Lombok.


All 3 islands exhibit outstanding, white sandy coastlines, crystal clear water, incredible coral reef, and also the best snorkeling as well as diving to be uncovered anywhere on Bali as well as Lombok. Site visitors from throughout the globe are generated to the standard satisfactions of sunlight, snorkeling, diving, spectacular coastlines, and also interacting. The lack of cars, bikes, as well as hawkers consists of significantly to the convenience of staying on the Gilis-- although there is now a selection of home easily offered, the islands have really protected the careless rustic charms of an exotic heaven.


There are improving ranges of westerners enduring on the Gilis, as well as running firms differing from dive company to hotels. While previously the bulk of individuals worried dive, snorkel and also event, now a bigger range of site visitors being composed of houses as well as couples are thrilling in the islands.


Purely talking, the name "Gili Islands" is instead repetitive as gili merely suggests "little island" in Sasak, nonetheless the name has really stuck as well as is typically used as well as understood in Lombok. There are similarly other islands off Lombok called Gili Something, eg. Gili Nanggu and also Gili Gede, nevertheless these lie to the southwest near Lembar, incredibly a variety from the "main" Gilis.



The Gilis are substantially drier and also hotter compared to Lombok, nonetheless evenings could still be great and also renewing. The wet duration has to do with from Nov to April, nevertheless it rainfalls considerably a lot less compared to on Bali. The top tourist durations are July-August as well as December-January.


Island's Hopping

Travelling between the islands requires either catching the uneven shuttle watercrafts or renting one to take you throughout. The arrays between the islands may show up swimmable, nonetheless do not attempt it-- the currents could be extreme as well as many backpackers have in fact died trying.


The Natives & Past history

A number of years back, seafarers from Bugis, Mandar as well as Makassar (Sulawesi) occupied Gili Air and also create coconuts vineyard and also expand the angling recreations.


As site visitors started to visit Lombok and also some worried the Gilis on trip after that began to stay for longer periods in local residences. The islands have in fact wound up being significantly preferred. Their allure could be a problem, as numbers at some time exceed the supplied areas and also used stress on the island atmosphere, particularly the supply of fresh water as well as the capability of septic storage tank to manage waste and also there is regularly tension to create even more and also considerably far better.


Sector passions are trying to exploit the charm of the Gilis and also the local government aspires to advertise upmarket tourist commercial property growth.


Gili Air as well as Gili Meno remaininged a lot of their untouched high quality, nonetheless Gili Trawangan has in fact finished up being a lot more touristy as well as pricy. Much from Beach, it is considerate for women to cover their shoulders as well as upper legs. Various site visitors are appallingly aloof to local needs for that reason many of them walk about in short garments that it's easy to get perception that the local people do not mind any kind of longer.


Electric power as well as Communication

Electric power supply are now easily offered on all the 3 Gilis. The electric voltage in Indonesia is 220 Volt, if you bring any kind of gizmos which require demanded at considerably reduced voltage (110 Volt) bring an electric voltage converter or ask the resort where you continue to be for STAVOLT.


The islands have no items of fresh water and also incredibly spotty electric power supply; it's not uncommon for power to be off for hrs each time. Lots of upmarket resorts, eating facilities as well as dive shops have generators for the back up.


Cell phone towers ensure you're never ever before inaccessible, as well as there are a variety of Internet coffee shops on Trawangan for feeding your Internet dependence, although link rates have the propensity to be shateringly slow-moving. Printing is feasible in a number of Internet cafà © s as well as you could also attach your laptop in some.



There is now a Financial institution Mandiri ATM MACHINE on Gili Trawangan, in front of the Vila Ombak Resort, nonetheless it's not frequently functioning so it's a lot far better to bring along appropriate rupiah to trend you over. Fee card are approved by a few of the much more upmarket places and also all dive establishments; some could absolutely furthermore arrange fee card breakthroughs, nonetheless with considerable expenses on the order of 7-10 %.


Health and wellness and also Medical

Tidiness has really improved on the islands. There are 2 college healthcare facility on Gili Trawangan; 1) located near the football industries for locals and also 2) located in Rental apartment Ombak with better facilities for Tourist.


Gili Meno also now have a health and wellness center which moneyed by local's business. Gili Air also have a wellness center positioned near the significant community.


Actual to the hippie atmosphere, magic mushrooms are thoroughly easily offered as well as in all honesty advertised. Their legitimacy is uncertain, as are any sort of bodily as well as psychological outcomes.


Little nevertheless irritating jellyfish dominate in the waters around the Gilis throughout August simply, so placing on an unabridged wetsuit or surf skin in the water is a great idea.


Safety and security

There are no Police station or Equipped pressure Article on the islands, nonetheless there is a little station house in Bangsal harbor. The Islands moneyed non-uniformed area policing team, SATGAS, ensures site visitor's safety as well as protection. In the uncommon event of someone destroying the legislation or uncomfortable tourists, criminals are committed Police officers on Lombok and also face banishment from the island for as long as 5 years.


Obtaining Gili Islands

To obtain to Bangsal port from the airport terminal or Mataram city or Senggigi, there are 3 choices, specifically by shuttle, taxi or exclusive transition. As well as from Bangsal port to Gili islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air), you could utilize public watercraft or hired watercraft.


One of the most practical means to acquire to the Gilis from Lombok's airport terminal or Senggigi is to walk to the closest traveling agent, taxi workdesk or travel as well as publication a package. The least costly means is to take a bemo/taxi to Pemenang, stroll or cidomo to Bangsal, as well as after that take the public watercraft (ferry) from there. This may consist of lengthy hesitates and also managing particularly unfavorable hawkers, so some people figure it's unworthy the difficulty.


Tasks and also Tourist attractions

There are bunches of selections for an enjoyable holiday on the islands. You could rent snorkeling tools, register with a diving program, rent a kayak, fish, or take a glass base watercraft to view the fantastic coral reef and also fishes. There are no views because of this on the islands themselves, nevertheless the snorkeling as well as diving throughout is a considerable draw.


The homeowners making it through on the island are very interesting. If you walk behind the main road you could absolutely view just how the citizens live which is significantly different after that the stunning homes the tourists continue to be in.



There are terrific bargains of high quality diving procedures on all the islands. Plunge Schools provided on all the islands with many dive process to select, from newbies to innovative technological dives.



While scuba diving divers have the capacity to regularly swim with black concept, those which opt to merely stray in the currents with a snorkel, fins as well as mask are never ever before left disappointed by the greater than 6,000 sorts of marine life living just off-shore.



Angling is amongst the highlight recreations on the islands. Deep/bottom angling continuously be the greatest on north west of Gili Trawangan. Bring your personal tools if you're not familiarized with the traditional-style of angling.


Watercraft Trips

There are a couple of company based after Gili Trawangan that give watercraft trips to the bordering islands of Lombok, Sumbawa and also to Komodo. Blue Water Cruise ships are based just north of the port as well as run quests around the 3 Gilis, to Lombok as well as Komodo.



Not renowned for its searching integrity, the homeowners consistently search off the south end of both Gili Trawnagan as well as Gili Air. Both are coral reef breaks, and also on their day could be an outstanding wave.


Loosen up

Without any type of autos on any of the islands and also the significantly reduced speed of Gili Air and also Gili Meno, there are many bungalow-style homes with balconies that overlook yards and/or the sea. Gili Meno has the best coastlines of the 3 islands. View specific Gili island web pages for specific beach information.



You could stroll around the islands in 90 mins. Merely comply with the coast, take sun screen lotion as well as stay clear of doing this throughout the center of the day.


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